Hayabusa Classic Laced Boxing Gloves




Traditional real leather boxing gloves


These are your traditional, real leather classic boxing gloves. They feel amazing when you slip them on - snug and cool. They are built to deal punishment and keep your hands protected. They will become your go to for a long time.


That real leather smell and how amazing these feel when you put them on. How they perform with the multi-layer foam construction. You can punch all day and your hands will not be worse for wear.


More stuff we love: The black on black subtle design just looks so sick...and that real leather smell.

Since 2015 we have been producing laced boxing gloves for professionals. It started with Glory Kickboxing as their official glove and more recently boxers have been reaching out to us requesting we make a pair for their fights. We decided it is finally time to make them available to everyone.


Introducing the Hayabusa Laced Boxing gloves.


Our Classic Laced Boxing glove offers what traditional boxers want, with the added technology of our foam construction to provide proper hand protection.


Design: Traditional boxing glove

Materials: Nylon lining, leather outer shell


These are for the old school boxers that are looking for traditional gloves that they can trust to protect them and perform well, whether they are sparring with a partner or hitting the bags.



Performance is about pushing limits. The design and construction of this glove are ready to help drive you outside of your comfort zone.



Sizes available: 12oz and 16oz

Colors available: Black

Product external material - Real Leather

Product lining - Nylon (to be confirmed)

Foam composition: 3 Layer Foam Construction

Closure system: Laced


Best for:

Bag/Pad Work, Sparring




  • 100% Leather

  • Traditional Boxing Style Glove

  •  Perforated Palm for improved Air flow.

  • 3 Layer Foam Construction for best impact absorption.

  •  Professional Wrist Supports & Flexibility

  • Lace-style closure

  • Attached thumb compartment


Price: ₩161,100.00